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Javelin Digital breaks through silos, co-designs digital evolutions and inspires and empowers organizations to embrace change while becoming more adaptable and innovative.

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Our Approach

Javelin Digital is founded by responsive visionary Brandon Jones, who has led and managed digital evolutions across the federal, military and private sectors. He leverages his proven three pillars: digital CX, digital EX and data analytics and integration to drive digital evolutions. 

Thought Leadership

Brandon Jones has authored numerous articles in the technology space and regularly speaks and presents to IT executives.
The Intersection of Business and Mindful Meditation: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself 
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The Future of Work: The Digital Evolution 
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The Human Touch in Times of Crisis 
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Managing as a Human in the Age of AI 
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The Role of the CIO in Foresight-Driven Agencies 
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Analytics in the Cloud: Key Challenges and How to Overcome Them 
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2019 C-Suite of the Year Award Winner 
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Services We Offer

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Our Core Values

In every engagement, we listen to key audiences, empower your team and drive decisions based on data. Our core values are evident in every interaction:

  • Empathetic: We always seek to understand and consider our clients’ mindsets and those of their end stakeholders.
  • Empowering: We enable people to own and guide their own digital evolution with the right direction and resources.
  • Data-Driven: Analytics are the cornerstone of any digital shift or evolution and are referenced throughout all engagements.

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Photo of Brandon Jones

Brandon jones

Chief Information Officer, Digital Transformation Principal, Digital Evolution Advisor and Founder of Javelin Digital, LLC
Brandon Jones leverages his expertise to drive c-suite innovation and enhance customer and employee experiences. Offering CIO and digital evolution services to C-Suite, IT executives and those responsible for IT and security across large enterprises.
Brandon’s career spans the DoD, Navy, commercial and non-profit sectors where he has led large-scale digital transformations and cybersecurity initiatives and contributed to the assessments of external digital opportunities and threats and internal technology capabilities. Through his vast experience, Brandon has developed and leverages his three pillars of digital evolution: digital CX, digital EX and data analytics and integration to drive digital evolutions.